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Rigid Box Manufacturers in India

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There is a huge demand for rigid boards in India for packaging considering the tremendous increase in demand for different products and, of course, the rise of the e-commerce industry. Rigid packaging is a preferred choice for certain product types. We are one of the leading rigid board manufacturers in India. We manufacture rigid board boxes that are sturdy, sleek, and make the shipment of products easy and convenient.

Why choose Papers Gallery?

Papers Gallery is one of the most distinguished names when it comes to rigid board manufacturing. We are a one-stop destination for different packaging products. We offer a comprehensive collection of rigid boards, corrugated boxes, carton packaging boxes, folding paper boxes, mono-printed boxes, paper carry bags, custom stickers and labels, 

What is the need for rigid boards?

  • Rigid boxes are specially designed boxes for premium and luxury packaging and expensive items. 

  • They are made with high-quality kappa material, which has top-notch quality and unmatched strength.

  • Rigid boards are nearly four times thicker than an average paperboard box.

  • They usually have a paper exterior on which businesses and brands can print designs.

  • Durable items can be easily shipped in soft-sided packaging inside rigid boards, ensuring complete peace of mind during transit.

  • Rigid boards are an ideal option if you are into the business of smartphones, expensive electronic items, jewelry, beauty products, perfumes, premium and luxury garments, cosmetics, gifting products, etc.

  • Rigid boards are also known as premium packaging boxes, gift boxes, or set-up boxes. 

Why do we use kappa material for rigid cardboard?

Kappa material is ideally suited for retail and wholesale packaging. Its physical and mechanical properties make it a reliable material for manufacturing rigid cardboard. It eliminates the hassles caused during the transportation and handling of certain items. The rigid boards made of Kappa material protect and preserve the quality of the products. Our rigid boards are suitable for all types of packaging that are at high risk from the atmospheric elements like rain, moisture, condensation, humidity, and temperature changes. Rigid cardboard packaging boxes manufactured from Kappa material show the following properties:

  • Moisture resistant

  • Water resistant

  • Slip resistant

  • Easy to handle

  • Completely sustainable

  • Fully recyclable

We can customize rigid boxes as per your requirements.

At Papers Gallery, we understand that every business is unique, and so is yours. Being one of the top rigid board manufacturers in India, we offer ample customization options when it comes to rigid cardboard packaging boxes.

Some of the customization options include:

  • Collapsible style

  • Suitcase handle style

  • Magnetic closure design

  • Slider/drawer type

  • Ribbon lock style

Different inner protection inserts we use

  • Die-cut cardboard

  • Paper cavity

  • Foam

  • Velvet cushions

Different types of painting we do on rigid boards

  • 8 color offset printing

  • Embossed printing

  • (inner and outer) Matt/Glossy finish

  • Fold/silver foil

  • UV spot printing

  • Leaf printing

What matters most to the customer is there inside the box, safe and secure.

We make use of the best inner packaging material

  • Being bulk packaging manufacturers for rigid boards, we focus on the inner packaging material too.

  • The inner packaging is equally important, and it can make or break a customer’s experience with a new product.

  • We use sturdy and the best quality materials for the interior of the rigid box packaging.

  • Mostly, we focus on using packaging materials that are environmentally friendly.

Benefits of rigid cardboard packaging boxes

Papers Gallery’s rigid board boxes are solid, rigid, and offer protection construction as bulk packaging manufacturers.

Our rigid cardboard packaging boxes are highly versatile and offer a luxurious look and feel.

They are unmatched by most other value-added types.

Our robust packaging keeps the products of businesses safe and well protected against environmental factors and harsh handling as well.

The rigid boards manufactured by us are a value-added addition for any business. It helps increase the brand value significantly, and not to forget the appealing nature.

Strength and affordability are two key reasons why businesses choose rigid boards.

What makes us one of the preferred rigid board manufacturers in India?

Quality is guaranteed.

We guarantee the best quality and price straight from our factory. When it comes to rigid cardboard premium boxes and luxury packaging boxes, we do not compromise on the quality aspect whatsoever.

Customization facility

In today’s competitive and fast-paced world, customization is the need of the hour. As a result, we provide customization for rigid cardboards that are tailored to our clients’ specific needs and requirements.

Competitive prices

We are a trusted rigid cardboard packaging box manufacturer in India for a reason. All of our unparalleled range of products are reasonably priced for our clients.

On-time delivery

Time is everything in any industry. We understand the value of our clients’ time. Hence, we manufacture and deliver rigid boards and other packaging items at the fastest possible time. If there is any delay, we communicate it to the clients beforehand. 

Care for the environment

Every year, tonnes of packaging materials are discarded. These discarded materials just do not go away from the earth. Some of them are taken to landfill sites, while some take millions of years to decompose. At Papers Gallery, we take the utmost care to use raw materials that can be easily recycled and degraded because we care for the environment and mother earth.

“Made in India”

Being rigid board manufacturers in India, the manufacturing of all our products, not just rigid boards, is done in India. We even procure raw materials from Indian manufacturers. We are fully committed to the ‘Make in India’ initiative of the Government.

If you are in the B2B business segment and require rigid board packaging boxes, you can count on us to deliver the best customized rigid boards for packaging. The rigid boards are meticulously designed and manufactured to serve any industry and business vertical. If you are searching for the best rigid board manufacturers in India, Papers Gallery is there to assist you with every requirement.