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Premium Fold able Garment Corrugated Box

Corrugated 3 PLY strong Customized Printed Box

A corrugated printed mailer box is a type of packaging material that is made from corrugated cardboard. This type of packaging is commonly used to ship or send various items, products, and goods. The corrugated cardboard material is made up of a fluted or wavy sheet of material between two layers of flat cardboard outer layers, creating a three-layer structure. The corrugation provides extra protection and cushioning when shipping delicate and fragile items.

The printed aspect of the mailer box refers to custom branding customization options that are available on the outside of the box. This can take the form of printed graphics, logos, or designs on the surface of the cardboard to meet brand standards, company logos, product information, or other marketing messaging. This makes the corrugated printed mailer box an ideal choice for businesses looking to enhance and protect their products while simultaneously showcasing their branding message.

Overall, the corrugated printed mailer box is an excellent choice for businesses looking for reliable shipping materials with custom branding options. It provides a combination of durability, space efficiency, and visual appeal to make for a successful product presentation and delivery experience. With proper design considerations and material selection, a corrugated printed mailer box can make an unforgettable impression and convey brand values to the target audience.

Box style: Flat pack in style, easy to make, and ship anywhere around the world.

Suitable for: Clothing, Gifting, accessories, shoes, and more.

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